Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Caprese

2 weeka go I spun tomato puree in a centrifuge and produced a magnificent tomato consomme. This week, I wanted to work on that component and have it as part of a complete dish. The initial suggestion from people on Egullet was Caprese salad. So now the question is how to make a modern version of that without deviating too far.

There has to be a point of reference on the dish, and I decided it should be the mozarella; unaltered, and left as the anchor to the dish. Everything else is changed.

The tomato consomme became tomato gelee. It's amazing how crystal clear that thing is. I placed it on top of tomato powder for colour, and again, having that colour as a point of reference for the tomato. The basil was pureed with olive oil. It's like pesto without the pine nuts and parmeggiano reggiano. To add some texture to the dish, I placed bits of freeze-dried roasted garlic - crunchy, sweet, and of course, roast garlicky.

The tomato consomme was solidified using CarraPure 6455. It's designed to be used as a gelatin alternative.

Tomato gelee
1. Puree skinned tomatoes
2. Place the puree in a centrifuge and spin at 6,000 rpm for 1 hour.
3. mix in CarraPure 6455 at 1%. Heat to 75C and set in molds.
4. Place in the cooler until set, about 1 hour.

Another photo I took. Slightly different plating.

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  1. i just got a centrifuge and tomato puree was the first thing i put in... just now, it's been spinning at 3750 rpm for 30 minutes... the max for my benchtop beckman gs-r6 is that speed.... so i'm wondering how that would translate to 6000 and an hour... would that be 2 hours at 3000? is there a chart?