Monday, January 25, 2010

Constant Improvement

This dish may be similar to my previous chicken lollipop, but the texture changes of the dish radically change the experience. The earlier version of this treat featured a piece of sundried tomato and a basil leaf. The current recipe changed the garnishes. Now, we have a marinated sundried tomato paste, and basil puree. Also, instead of using chicken breast, I now used dark meat from the chicken thighs. The change in meat results in a piece thats much more juicy and flavourful.

I think this is a perfect example of how texture can really change one's perception of the dish. Let us forget about the meat for a moment and just focus on the garnish. The earlier garnishes were just basil and marinated sundried tomatoes in their natural state. The tomato's texture is chewy, and slightly tough. The basil is very aromatic, but its flavours require some chewing before they are fully released. The same can be said regarding the tomato's flavour. In this current one, the tomato has been turned into a paste, and the basil pureed. Now, flavours are much more concentrated as well as very, very detectable. The basil is instantly tasted. The tomato is no longer chewy and no longer takes away from the chicken's tender texture. In this version, there are only 2 major texture components, the crisp batter, and the tender chicken. The garnishes no longer impede in the experience of those 2 contrasts.