Thursday, September 15, 2011

Apple and Pork on a salad

Due to popular demand, I made something more "healthy". By healthy I mean less fat and salt. So I made this apple dressing for a salad. The apples are cooked sous vide and with apple cider to preserve the light colour then pureed. I added some iota carrageenan to add some body to the dressing. I didn't want to add a lot of butter since I wanted to keep that sharpness to the apples.

So I made it healthy, but I couldn't ignore my calling for bacon. So I bought some cured pork belly and fried them at medium heat on a skillet. It turns into beautiful crispy chunks of bacon. mmmmm. I also had some freeze-dried pancetta left from last week's trials and added that to the dish.

PS ~ they had the choice of putting bacon or not. :)

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