Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ultimate Consomme

I was able to take the centrifuge for a spin (pun intended). Rotating at 8,200 RPM, it creates the clearest and most pure consommes I have ever come across. The tomato consomme I made had a strong tomato flavour, and was very sweet.

The beauty of it, I think, is how light these consommes are. Flavour molecules, as I was told, are the some of the lightest molecules. So they go to the top while being spun in the centrifuge. While proteins, starches and other substances are the heaviest, therefore sinking down. So what you have then is a liquid that is free of starch, and protein and contains only water and flavour. PERFECT!

Here is a photo of the tomato consomme while in the centrifuge container. Taken with iPhone.

I ended up putting some watermelon puree into the centrifuge as well. The liquid comes out extremely clear. The sweetness will vary depending on the sweetness of the original watermelon. White tomato sauce is on the left, which is just tomato consomme and white roux, and watermelon consomme on the right.

To make a finished dish with the tomato sauce, I sous vide some halibut, then wrapped it with a parmeggiano reggiano crust. Paired it with some pickled fennel. Yes, a very white dish. Which is exactly what I wanted.

Another very interesting use of the white tomato sauce was pasta "Alfredo". It looked like alfredo but was far from. In flavour, it is a very delicious tomato and basil pasta, but definitely very unique in appearance, and VERY delicious. My coworkers at it all before I could take a photo.

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